Food Catering Services


Established in 1975

Feedem is a large contract catering company in South Africa which manages in excess of 300 sites and employs more than 3200 people ranging from dieticians, chefs and human capital specialists to hygiene experts. We provide a wide range of catering and associated services to clients in all industries. Allowing us to manage your catering services will enable you to focus on your core business while benefiting from our expertise. This will improve your economies of scale, infrastructure and ability to add instant capacity to your organisation.

Retirement Sector

We have a large number of long-term contracts with homes for the elderly and care facilities in the retirement sector. The needs of these residents include very specific dietary requirements, sufficient variety and service by compassionate people. Our team that takes care of these contracts include registered dieticians and nutritionists. We consult with the management of these institutions and also obtain regular feedback from the residents themselves to ensure that we continue to serve happy clients.