Call 4 Care

Keep your independence without losing your freedom. To ensure that there is somebody there for you when you need it most, our 24/7 Response Centre is open 365 days a year. This enables you to contact us in any emergency, at any time of the day or night.

With a simple home-based alarm and panic button, connected to our Response Centre, we are just a button-press away when help is needed, and are able to facilitate responses to a number of emergencies. Emergencies are never convenient. When they strike, one cannot walk to a phone, dial a number, hold on and hope for a response. Often one is immobile, traumatised or weak. Imagine just pressing a button on your wrist and without doing anything else, being in audio contact with a trained care operator who can assess what is needed and react appropriately.


  • We are close by
  • Wearable Panic Button
  • Round-the-clock Care
  • 2-Way Communication
  • We know you
  • We will stand by you